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Hat and fascinator care

How to make your hats and fascinators last for years

Regarding how to preserve hats and fascinators, I recently had a query on Instagram, and I immediately thought it would make a terrific piece. It is crucial to store each of them properly to prevent damage or misalignment given their shape and delicate makeup. Both are essential for attending races, so I believe it is worthwhile to take the extra time to store them to ensure their longevity.

The first thing, in my opinion, is to be ready to have some designated area to store your pieces. I've accumulated a variety of unique pieces throughout the years that I really adore. You should set up a space in your wardrobe to hold them all because the storage options for both can be a little bulky.

Maintaining your hats

Drum boxes are ideal for hats, in my opinion. They're the correct shape, so they'll make sure your hat is shielded from the elements and has a level surface. In order to avoid trying to squeeze it in, make sure you obtain the proper size. If you do, it can lose its shape. As an alternative, gather sturdy large boxes that may have held other items (I've saved some lovely Hermes boxes for this reason) and place your hats inside of them.

Maintaining your fascinators

I advise storing fascinators in one of two ways, depending on how ornate the design is. Either follow the same procedure as with your hats and pack them in boxes with tissue paper to add an added layer of protection. Alternatively, you can stack them with tissue paper in a drawer or cabinet. Just be careful to only stack a few items on top of one another, as a large stack will inevitably cause one of them to lose its shape. If possible, it's probably best to stick to one layer, but if there isn't enough room, the above option is a good backup.

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